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BJ Adams

BJ Adams & Associates was founded by Barbara J Adams. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida and for the past 15 years, the nationally based accounting firm, known as BJ Adams & Associates has offered confidential and comprehensive accounting services to our clients. We have expanded our firm to now include offices in Atlanta Georgia and later Houston, Chicago, New York and California.

OUR MISSION:  Provide clients with professional and quality services that will enhance their businesses to be knowledgeable, aware of, and in compliance with tax laws and business procedures.  Perform all services with integrity and honesty and in the best interest of our clients.

OUR VISION:  Establishing corporate offices globally to implement the goals and services that will impact profit and non-profit organizations.  To empower our clients with the knowledge and understanding that will keep our business and individual tax clients abreast of governmental tax information and business procedures.  Provide them with products and services that would render the best volume or medium to gather this powerful information.